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YOU - Mindful Life Program

The YOU - Mindful Life Program comes to life thanks to combination of energies emanating from the island of Pantelleria and Sikelia’s magical effect.

Through different disciplines and methods, you will experiment different exercises and practices dedicated to movement and wellbeing, to improve both your physical performance as well as to develop a better awareness of your own body, and to manage emotions so that they do not become an obstacle whilst learning to control of our energy.

At Sikelia a natural and personalized nutrition plan, based on the principles of la dieta Mediterranea, will favour the awareness of the importance of eating programs that lead to lightness and wellbeing.

YOU September 2020

Special Guest: Sadhana Singh

Back in motion with our first yoga retreat. The objective will therefore be the improvement of physical, immune, emotional and mental potential through awareness of ones’ self and the environment, immersed in the peace of the island and surrounded by the energy of the volcano.
Our programs will also help you to establish a psychophysical balance aimed at seeking awareness of who you are through simple activities such as Breathwalk and combinations of breathing techniques, synchronized with special steps and made more effective by conscious breathing and meditation.

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