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YOU - Mindful Life Program

The YOU - Mindful Life Program comes to life thanks to combination of energies emanating from the island of Pantelleria and Sikelia’s magical effect.

Through different disciplines and methods, you will experiment different exercises and practices dedicated to movement and wellbeing, to improve both your physical performance as well as to develop a better awareness of your own body, and to manage emotions so that they do not become an obstacle whilst learning to control of our energy.

At Sikelia a natural and personalized nutrition plan, based on the principles of la dieta Mediterranea, will favour the awareness of the importance of eating programs that lead to lightness and wellbeing.

June 2024

Retreat by Lifted Living

The Volcanic Vitality Retreat offers a unique blend of wellness, science of longevity, and culinary delight set against the backdrop of Pantelleria's breathtaking landscapes. It's an invitation to immerse in harmony, health, and haute cuisine, aiming to nurture the body, enrich the mind, and elevate the spirit towards a more vibrant, healthful, and fulfilled self. The Retreat features the innovative Plexus Method, the culinary artistry of vegan chef Morgan Witkin, and the guidance of life coach Teresa Fracasso.

Each day of the Retreat is thoughtfully designed to include activities that engage the mind and body, such as yoga and Pranayama sessions, mindfulness workshops, and experiences to deepen the connection to Pantelleria's rich natural and cultural heritage.