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Elegant and exclusive traces enclosed by ancient white vaults.
A rough and fascinating island whose story is told through the harmony between metals, glass and precious fabrics.
Sikelia as an artistic and emotional experience.


Sikelia as an artistic and emotional experience

Timeless is the island of Pantelleria, where our senses are enveloped in a rough and wild nature, and time passes slowly like in the most authentic Africa.

Timeless is the search for stone tombs, shrines and other ancient island treasures, built in ancient times.

Timeless is bathing in the rock sediments of the Lago di Venere, where the early history of life is innate.

Timeless is the origin of the name Sikelia, which dates back to sometime in the Byzantine era, when the Empire was divided into themata.

Timeless is falling asleep gazing at the ancient Arabic arches of our suites.

Timeless is your experience at Sikelia, where time seems to stand still and the soul finds its original union with the spectacular elements of nature.


Hidden is the island of Pantelleria, solitary in the sea between the coasts of Sicily and Africa, an ancient land whose people once worshipped Ishtar, the goddess of love.

Hidden are its pathways, winding through Mediterranean shrubland and volcanic rocks.

Hidden are the hot springs flowing from the rock and the Mirror of Venus, set in a beautiful natural amphitheatre.

Hidden is Sikelia, concealed within the rounded walls of ancient dammusi dwellings, a haven of peace and serenity.

Hidden are our Alcoves, concealed behind a golden door for exclusive relaxation.

Hidden are dinners in the vineyards under starry skies, accompanied by the intoxicating scents of the harvest.

Intense like the scents of the island and the black of its volcanic rocks.

Intense like the sunset with its African hues and the night sky, illuminated only by starlight.

Intense like the rare silence of Pantelleria nights, which envelop you in ancestral emotion.

Intense are the authentic flavours of our cuisine, with its typical Arab and African influences.

Intense are the flavours and aromas of the Pantelleria wines you will enjoy every day.

Intense is the pleasure of a massage in the shade of the Arabic garden, in total harmony with the island’s soul.

Unique are the contrasts between the white roofs and the blue sea, the green countryside and the black volcanic rocks.

Unique are the forms that the wind and the weather have given to creeping olive trees and rocky shores.

Unique are the Zibibbo vineyards, part of Unesco’s World Heritage, protected from the wind by typical dry-stone walls.

Unique are our suites, each one unequalled, all elegant and refined.

Unique are the exclusive works of art that adorn the ancient rooms of our dammusi.

And you, too, are Unique, our guests to whom we devote ourselves, in our quest to make every single moment at Sikelia unique.

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