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  • Wine & Food

      Emotional cuisine to nourish the soul, showcasing all the flavours and aromas of this land at the heart of the Mediterranean, accompanied by wines closely cultivated by the wind and the sea.
    A palm grove framed by the white cupola of our dammusi, in which you can share the pleasures of the table under magical starry skies, in a silence so profound and sincere that only an island so close to Africa can offer. This is Themà Restaurant, the essence of Sikelia taste.
  • Themà Restaurant and Lounge

    Africa and Sicily come together in the flavours and scents of this land sculpted by the wind and the sun.
    It is hard not to fall under the spell of the simple but bold flavours on offer at Themà, prepared by the expert hands of our Executive Chef Diego Battaglia, who skilfully combines Sicilian traditional recepies with an Arab and African twist. Fresh ingredients and innovatve ideas combined create new tastes that make every single encounter with the flavours of this land truly unique. After an intense day in Pantelleria we wait for the sun to set while 'sipping stories' told by our bartender. A study of local flavours and scents playfully balanced to create an experience designed to involve all senses. 
  • Wine

    We like high quality and attention to detail.
    This is why we chose Coste Ghirlanda as our wine partner on the island, cultivator of vines, olive trees, capers and fruit trees. Zibibbo grapes grown from saplings, part of Unesco’s World Heritage, produce the perfect wine for those evenings when our senses are dominated by silent nature and the scents of fruits ripened under the intense African sun. Protected by the typical dry stone walls of Arabic origin, shaped by the wind and cultivated in keeping with ancient tradition, Pantelleria’s vines yield incredibly aromatic grapes, expertly transformed into wines with unique organoleptic properties. The strength of the wind, the heat of the sun, the rare rainfall and the lava soil mean that all our crops differ a little from year to year. This is why no two wines are the same, and each vintage brings new fragrances, new flavours and new emotions in every single glass of red, white or Passito.
  • Oil

    From age old olive trees and ancient tradition comes Coste Ghirlande olive oil, with its slightly bitter taste and hint of spice.
    This is a truly special olive oil, the product of wild terrain and "heroic" agriculture – cultivated entirely by hand. Biancolilla olives grown under an intense sun, hand-picked and processed on the same day in the estate’s own olive press ensure a superior quality product. The scents of Mediterranean shrubland and the delicate, slightly spicy taste make this the ideal accompaniment for flavoured breads, raw or grilled fish and fresh salads.
  • The Wine Laboratory

    The Heart of Coste Ghirlanda
    Magical evenings immersed in the silence of the Pantelleria nights and the scents of the vines before the harvest: this is the Coste Ghirlanda Wine Laboratory, an enchanting place, perfect for relaxing moments sipping a glass of wine at sunset or a passito later in the evening. A unique corner of Pantelleria, where you can enjoy the authentic flavours of the island’s delicious and evocative cuisine in total tranquillity, and discover the best combinations of Coste wines and local produce.
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