Concept Hotel Pantelleria | Sikelia


An elegant and exclusive destination surrounded by ancient white vaults. 
A rugged, charming island portrayed in the harmony between metal, glass and the highest quality fabrics. 
Sikelia as an artistic and emotional experience.

  • Interiors & Sikelia

    From one woman’s passion for this magical, rugged, wild place came the idea of transforming a large private residence into an exclusive destination.
    We placed the conversion and extension of the original structure in the hands of Gabriella Giuntoli, an architect originally from Milan. Giuntoli brought a conscious harmony to the project, respecting nature and the ancient dammusi, thanks to her extensive professional portfolio and her life experience on the island itself. The design details, the choice of materials and the architectural languages were handled by two young engineers, Francesco Alessandrelli and Katherina Pazienza Gelmetti, who integrated technical aspects with formal research. The interior design was born from a complicity and understanding between Katherina and Giulia Pazienza Gelmetti, who share a taste for simple elegance, firmly integrated with the natural way of life of the island. High quality fabrics, metals, concrete and glass become a source of enrichment of this striking setting designed around the vaults of the ancient dammusi.
  • Artists & Sikelia

    Gennaro Avallone is an artist who has worked in the multidisciplinary field of applied arts for many years, producing increasingly mature results.
    The craft he has cultivated, right from his early work, the artistic experience that brings together the languages of sculpture and painting, the creation of unique functional objects: all of this, and more, comes together in an original journey. Avallone originally started out using stucco, with its infinite variations, and since then has incorporated a host of other materials into his aesthetic universe, yielding considerably complex results to fulfil the requests of high profile international clients. His contribution to the Sikelia project is clear in his great paintings, in multiple pieces of furniture and in the objects present in the communal spaces and some of our suites. On Pantelleria Avallone has worked by subtraction, letting his materials guide him. Like an archaeologist, he approached the decoration project by drawing out the faintest traces of ancient pottery, pale memories of glazed painted tiles, faded relics of a world almost devoid of colour, predominantly concentrated in dark shades. On this volcanic island, he has allowed fire to speak, from which both bronze and glass are born, both present in his work, alongside stucco and concrete. In an exercise of harmony with the unique characteristics of the site and with a cultured and respectful client base that over time has given him the privilege of expressing himself.
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